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 My name is SpaceAge Timmy

SPACEAGE  TIMMY   creates  a Fun atmosphere keep everyone dancing young and old. SPACEAGE TIMMY believes what makes the difference isn't the songs he plays, but the journey he takes his audience on. With his eclectic sensibilities and intuitive crowd interaction DJ /MC in one. TOP 40/ Hip-Hop/EDM/Oldies/ ROCK/COUNTRY.  SPACEAGE TIMMY doesn't just play records he creates environments. Known for a strong musical ear, SPACEAGE TIMMY has contributed to studio work with artist Flo Rida. SPACEAGE TIMMY is an international DJ he toured with the legendary Artist. When he is not on tour. He is hosting mixtapes and his monthly new music mixes on,  and SpaceAge Timmy Radio. SPACEAGE TIMMY continues to work harder than most and mastered the art of DJing.  SPACEAGE TIMMY has performed in concerts and festivals, in LA/ TEXAS/MIAMI/NYC/LAS VEGAS and more... Follow his legacy.

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